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ACE Take1 – Dialogue in the Dark has launched DESI NATION MOVEMENT, a social inclusion project aimed at reaching out to the public and corporate India to pledge one job towards Person’s with Disabilities . This movement strives to address a long-ignored issue in India which is home to nearly 1 crore of unemployed PwD youth.

The biggest pledge by Corporate India toward the PwD’s of our country. DESI Nation Movement will sensitize and engage with the public to create a diversified and socially inclusive India. Social inclusion and diversity will be the center stage of this endeavor.

December 3rd -World Disability Day

This one of a kind event of creating 2017 job pledges for PwDs in one day by engaging with small and medium enterprises including corporates, banks and other organizations in the state of Telangana to pledge at least 1 PwD job creation.

Get involved by:
  • Pledging to hire at least 1 PwD and Creating an inclusive work space within your organization.
  • A donation of Rs. 10,000 towards the skill development of one PwD.

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About Us

ACE Social Foundation is a 4-year-old registered "Not for Profit" foundation that has been championing the empowerment of one of the most neglected sectors of our society; Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). The ACE Social Foundation fundamentally works on two important areas of interventions namely sensitizing the world about the abilities of the disabled and creating the linkages for disabled to get into the corporate jobs. This is done through Dialogue in the Dark (DID) which is a sensitization platform and ACE Take 1 which is a very powerful national mission and an appeal to all corporates to hire at least 1 PwD.

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