ASF - Strengths, Assets, Experiences, Credibility.

ASF Credibility Why these factors are important
ASF - PwD registration certificate Obtained A society authorized to work in the PwD sector under the PwD Act 1995. Without a valid PwD registration, no organization can work in the PwD sector.
Govt of Telangana credibility report about ASF to GOI. Showcases our credible work in the PwD sector.
Our training program is in alignment with the relevant national accreditation agencies Our Curriculum vetted by NCVT / DGET/MSDE affiliated Govt agency.
This is an important aspect for vetting the training program outcomes leading to a valid sector level acceptance for PwD's. Empaneled reputed Govt 3rd party assessment agencies for our training program.
ASF Strengths Why these factors are important
Extensive network with grass root agencies of Government machineries for PwD mobilization. Without a grass root level presence, it is extremely difficult to mobilize PwD's.
Successfully conducted nearly 100 Job melas in the last 3 years - pan India. Gives us a head start to mobilize & enroll PwD's for our training programs.
Created a ready made PwD database of nearly 30,000 PwD'S pan India. Reaching & enrolling 5000 PwD's is well within our scope for the year.
ASF: Assets & Experience Why these factors are important
A 60 member team across India A team that understands & has hands on experience is very crucial to execute projects of this scale.
20 Visually impaired sensitization counsellors Our sensitization program through Dialogue in the dark assumes significance as these 20 Visually impaired guides take visitors through an empathy experience.
A 5 member robust MIS team evaluating the efficacy of our interventions. Continuous monitoring & program evaluation is the key to ensuring the success & management of the program outcome.
A world class SOP system to guide
1. PwD Mobilization
2. Job mela manuals
3. MIS protocols
4. Employer tracking mechanisms
5. Training delivery
Given the pan India presence & the targets on hand, a robust SOP system is a very important component to ensure consistency & an uniform quality roll out of the planned intervention

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