Social Impact of proposed CSR investment:
Why PwD empowerment is important for the country

Social Impact @ Family level
Shift from PwD being perceived as a burden to a financially independent asset / resource.

For the PwD

Self confidence
Dignity & self respect
Financial independence
Continuous learning
Skill enhancement
Career progression

Community level

Inclusion & Mainstreaming of PwD's @ work.
Appreciate abilities of PwD's

Nation Level

Creation of a new contributing PwD economy
Mainstreaming PwD employment

India is home to 26.80 million PwD
Source: Census Surevy 2011

PwD employment can add up to Rs 10,000 crores (USD $1.50 Billion) every year to the Indian economy.


The Demography
PwD Population:26.8 Million PwD (Official estimates)
70 % are in Rural areas
52% are illiterate
26.8 Mn PwD population is spread across 29 states, 600 districts and 6 lakh villages in India.
Livelihood Landscape
13.4 Million PwD's: in the employable age of 15-59 years
14.6 Million PwD's are Literate
Approximately 9.9 Million PwD's are potential candidates for vocational training & employment.
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