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Mr Ashok Gupta

Managing Director
Rockwell Industries.

"It all started with our visit to Dialogue in the Dark's TOD (Taste of Darkness) Restaurant visit. We went with our family and had a dinner in the Dark for the first ever time. We were a little uneasy in the beginning to enter the Dark Area but we were made comfortable by a voice that came from a Razzak (the Guide) who guided us and made us sit at the designated table. He spoke to us for a while and then had the food served and directed us how to find things and enjoy our meal. It was a great experience during the 45 minutes that we have spent in the Dark Restaurant and we enjoyed the food thoroughly. After finishing our food we got out of the restaurant with the help of Razzak and to our shock, we realized that the person who was engaging us and entertaining us in the Dark Restaurant was visually blind 100%. It was a very emotional moment at the same time an eye opener for all of us.

We never realized that a Disabled person can be so abled. At this very moment our attitude has changed toward the Disabled and realized that they do not need Sympathy but seek Empathy. We spoke to the Founder Mr. Krishnan, the very next day and asked him if we can be of some help to them, for which he kindly acknowledged and requested us to see if we could empower the Differently abled with hiring them. They suggested 3 disabilities (Visually Impaired, Hearing and Speech Impaired and Orthopedically Challenged) Since we are serving MNCs like Coca-cola, Pepsi, Mother Dairy, Cream Bell, Dinshaw etc., Our Production team at Rockwell Industries Ltd, HYDERABAD. India's largest Commercial Refrigeration appliances manufacturing plant were not sure what kind of work they would perform. Then we were asked if they could do a Site Survey to know and understand the jobs that we usually perform at our Unit and give us a Site Report. The team visited our Unit within a week and understood and noted the jobs that are performed, with in a day they got back to us with a Site Report and to our surprise, there were close to 30 jobs that an Orthopedically Challenged and Hearing Impaired Aspirant can perform at our Medchal Unit which was amazing. We initially were asked to try with 2 to 4 OH Aspirants in the said jobs and after an Assessment and Job Interview we hired 4 Orthopedically Challenged Candidates. It's been 4 months now that they have joined and the performance is spell bound. There were punctual, close to zero absence for work and very productive. Infact 2 of the 4 candidates got the best employee awards for Attendance. We are very happy and thank ACE Take1 Team, to have done this great job. We are now planning to hire some Visually Impaired Aspirants for our Customer Call Centre at our Corporate Office, and also hire OH and HH aspirants at our new unit which is coming up by the year end at Rockwell Industries, Medchal. Once again I wish ACE Take1 and Dialogue in the Dark a great success and kudos to their effort to change the Disabled Community to a Differently Abled Community."

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Mr Manish Agarwal

Managing Director
Ratnadeep Super Market.

"We always wanted to try something innovative at the same time give a meaning to our business by contributing to the society. We were approached by ACE Take1 team recently, and have taken us through the initiative Take1 project. We were very impressed by their initiative and wanted to pilot a project.

Their team had conducted a Site Visit at our Ware House to know more about our activities. The very next day I received a Site Report which detailed the jobs that a PwD can perform with ease. After few exchanges on mail and in person we hired 5 Orthopedically Challenged Aspirants, out of which 4 were for Packing and Labeling, and 1 for Computer Operators. They did a good job and were very quick at learning and doing their duties. Unfortunately, they did not stay for long as they were finding it difficult to travel to our Warehouse from the place they used to stay. It was a realization to both the parties that we need to hire PwD's from nearer locations henceforth. We are eager and also sure of working with the Take1 Team to employ the PwD, as one thing I liked in them was their dedication and eagerness to learn. Wishing Take1 Team a great future ahead."

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Mr Sree Suresh

Talent Acquisition
Prasads Corporation.

"At Prasad Corporation, it's been a Corporate Culture to engage and empower the PwD's, right from the beginning. Prasad EFX is a part of Prasad Group where the activities include Digital Film Restoration, 3D Animation, Computer Graphics and Digital Intermediate. Digital Film Restoration is a job where the Candidate needs lot of Concentration, Patience Dedication and Commitments. We had tried hiring the Orthopedically Challenged and Hearing Impaired from NGO's where we had to train them on Basic Computer Skills, Corporate Culture and Technical Skills.
One fine day we received a call from ACE Take1 Team, on hiring PwD's which we already are doing and had sent us an invitation to Visit Dialogue in the Dark and have an experience on what they do. Two of my colleagues along with me went to Dialogue in the Dark and have experienced the Exhibition Tour (In Complete Darkness) which was an out of the world and everlasting experience. The guide was phenomenal and his confidence was impeccable. The best part was when we came to know that he was a Visually Impaired Person only after completing the Tour. And his memory was super. He could remember us by names with our voices.

We had asked the Take1 Team to organize for first round of interviews for 10 Candidates (OH and HI, as the job needs 100% visual clearance for Digital Restoration) as a pilot. Unlike the normal recruitment (Filtering) of the candidates at our end and Aspirants from other NGO's, we were given candidates who knew what the job profile was, were good on Computer Skills, and were decent in Communication. The candidates that they have provided were so perfect that their information was given to us through a Baseline Assessment which made our job easier to shortlist the Aspirant. This is one big difference that ACE Take1 Aspirants have from the other NGO's.
We have hired close to 49 Aspirants from ACE Take1 Project, and are very happy to work with them. Infact the ACE Take1 team were very prompt in reaching us for any Employee-Employers issues and sorting them then and there. We appreciate the way they handle Post placement issues.
We look forward to working with them closely in the future and wish them all the luck in their future endeavor."

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Mr Kiran

Quality Manager
SAP India, Bangalore.

"SAP believes and emphasizes on leveraging the unique talents of the disabled people and providing them meaningful employment. An example is our Austim at Work initiative. SAP Labs India currently employs five individuals with Autism and plan to hire five more by the end of 2014.

That said, based on the experience and feedback we got from our Diversity & Inclusion Head Sheenam Ohrie who visited Dialogue in the Dark, we looked for an opportunity to hire a Visually Impaired Person, and so connected ACE Take1 Team, and through their project called Take 1 offered a one year internship to Jyothi Roshan, a visually challenged person. Jyothi has been with us for a few months now and we are very happy with her contribution. She is doing a great job like any other abled person would do. This has been a great experience for us here at SAP Labs India."

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