Self Employment Model

COFEE Project

In partnership with the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), ACE-Dialogue in the Dark has launched the Take1 Project-a pan India movement to empower 2,00,000 persons with Disabilities (PwD) with wage-employment & self-employment opportunity over the next 10 years.

Why Self Employment Program
  • India Census 2011 reveals that more than 70% of the 26.8 million PwD Population lives in Rural Areas. A whopping 52% of them are Illiterate. And most of them do not have mobility to travel for education from the villages that they live in. Further 3/4th of the literate PwD population has either crossed their age limit (15-29) or do not have the right skills to obtain a job.
  • What happens to this PwD population who do not get wage employment/do not have a source of income/ neither gets the support to make a living.
  • Cool Opportunity For Economic Empowerment aptly called 'COFEE' is a unique self-employment opportunity to economically empower the most marginalized sector., the PwD sector with the much needed opportunity to earn their living & lead a life of pride, dignity & self-respect.
  • 1 Lakh (1,00,000) rural PwD will be selected, recruited & trained to become COFEE owners over the next 10 years in their respective Villages, Mandals & living areas to roll out the Rural Retail outlets offering cool products & beverages.


The Demography
PwD Population:26.8 Million PwD (Official estimates)
70 % are in Rural areas
52% are illiterate
26.8 Mn PwD population is spread across 29 states, 600 districts and 6 lakh villages in India.
Livelihood Landscape
13.4 Million PwD's: in the employable age of 15-59 years
14.6 Million PwD's are Literate
Approximately 9.9 Million PwD's are potential candidates for vocational training & employment.

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