Wage Employment Model

Pre Employment Model Take1 ATC (ACE Training Centre)
The Take1 Project aims to empower 1,00,000 PwD in the next 10 years with market linked vocational skills training leading to job creation in the private sector. ACE is creating 20 "Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills Training Center" on a pan India level. PwD aspirants will be trained in different Sectors namely IT&ITES, Accounting and Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Facility Management, Tourism, Auto-mobile, Construction, Security etc.,

Take1 strongly believes that a Successful Training Centre and a Meaningful Placement will require the 4 P strategy (Person, Place, Position and Placement), Local PwD candidate, Local Training and Local Corporate Placement each of which focuses on shifting the paradigm in PwD Training and employment creation.

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